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Мы всегда рады новым поставщикам!

В настоящее время в компании уже имеется сложившаяся система поставщиков, со многими мы работаем на протяжении многих лет. Тем не менее, мы заинтересованы в расширении круга поставщиков и всегда готовы рассматривать предложения о сотрудничестве, если новые кандидаты способны предложить наиболее привлекательные и разносторонние варианты сотрудничества.

Контакты отдела закупок

Филимонов Андрей, +78124126630andrey@mvs-auto.ru.

Азерский Анатолий, +78124128250/ anatoliy@mvs-auto.ru.

For suppliers

«MVS-AUTO»  is one of the oldest retail chain of spare parts for trucks and buses was founded in 1998.  Dedication, commitment to quality service, hight level professionalism ans competitive prices are the reasons that underline our success in auto industry. Through the years of providing superior quality automotive parts and accessories our Company has been distinguished as one of the most established  truck auto parts retailer

WE are an official ditributor of such well known companies as  AUGER , Beral, Champion, Cosibo, Dayco, Dinex, DPH, Glyco, HD-Parts, EBP, EBS, ErlingKlinger AG, Emmerre, Haldex, Hermann Peters, KAWE,  KONGSBERG RAUFOSS DISTRIBUTION SAS,  LASO, LE.MA. , LEMFORDER, Мansons, Monark Automotive GmbH, Nural, O.M.P., RINDER, SAF-HOLLAND, SKF, SV, Trucktec Automotive, V.Orlandi, Vignal Systems, WABCO

OUR CHAIN includes 6 stores and 2  service centers. Our customers are the forwarding companies from all over Russia, Auto Repair services and wholesale companies.

CONSTANTLY increasing range of spare parts and well adjusted management allow us to stay among the leaders in the spare parts sales

We are open for fruitfull co-operation with new suppliers worldwide.

Please feel free to contact us at office@mvs-auto.ru.